成立于2006年, the 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐 honor outstanding achievements during the past season and serves as the 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐’s annual fundraising event. This year’s awards ceremony was presented virtually on Sunday, July 26th, 2020 via YouTube.

Nominations are determined through a judging process conducted by statewide theatre reporters, 教育工作者和指定的法官. 

成立于2006年, the 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐 honor outstanding achievements during the past season and serves as the 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐’s annual fundraising event. 该奖项以长期担任当地戏剧制作人的亨利·洛温斯坦命名. Nominations are determined through a judging process conducted by more than 100 statewide peer professionals, 学者/教育家和其他戏剧爱好者.

Few people have had as much impact on theater in Denver — or the lives of theater people in Denver — as Henry Lowenstein, who ran Denver Post publisher Helen Bonfils’ crown jewel on East Colfax Avenue and Elizabeth Street until the theater closed in 1986. 他发现了新的才能. 他开始职业生涯. 他鼓励妇女和有色人种. 为了成千上万的科罗拉多人, 邦菲尔一家是他们第一次体验现场戏剧表演.

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The 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐 Henry Committee has decided that it will not be judging what would have been the rest of the 2020-2021 season due to safety concerns for the judges, to be fair and equitable towards all productions that could not be judged in 2020 or in the first six months of 2021, and the need to be fiscally responsible for our members and for our organization.

The Henry Committee and the board will continue to do strategic work on the Henry award process (structuring, 培训计划, and finding systems that ensure the safety of those judging productions and those producing work). 在赛季剩下的时间里,暂停积极的评判, we can truly address concerns that have been brought to us over the last few years such as inequities and biases that have occurred in the judging process, 渴望评判沉浸式类别, 并组织法官请求的沟通流程.

网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐的许多法官都属于高风险类别, and caseloads across the state have spiked significantly since October of this year. Even with a safety process available for them to follow (confirming negative test results, 向亨利协调员报告/确认, 如果法官已经或正在将他人暴露于COVID-19,则进行接触者追踪), it is against most ordinances now to have gatherings that could cause further public health crises. It is unfair to go forward with judging until most if not all producing entities and the judges themselves can participate together.

We understand that there are theatre companies producing now and that most are following all city/county/state health recommendations/processes. To those who are following public health protocols while producing in-person events, thank you. The massive amount of work you are doing to ensure safety for those you work with and for patrons attending these events deserves recognition.

We understand a lot of companies cannot (due to public health ordinances or finances associated with producing during this time) or do not want to produce any in-person programming until caseloads go down or until there is a vaccine. 有些人目前正在制作在线活动. 感谢那些以这种方式制作的人. 找到远程和数字化生产的方法需要做很多工作,而且

而网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐不能评判数字产品, 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐知道你们仍然在创作作品来帮助网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐度过这些困难时期.

网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐理解所有这些决定, and we have been discussing what we all want to do next for our judging pool and for 生产商. 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐将在2021年出现这些情况时继续进行评估.



-We wanted to wait until it was closer to the end of 2020 for a final decision given the continuing rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the state and all over the country. 城市和县的病例数量差异很大, and general statewide health advice is to not travel or be with groups of people unless absolutely necessary, 即使采取了一切可能的预防措施.


-尽可能采取必要的预防措施, we do not have a way to adequately handle the logistics of safely sending judges to shows and then doing follow-up health checks given the spread of COVID-19. Our primary concerns during this time are the health and safety of our volunteer judges and those wanting to bring judges to their 执行ance spaces. We understand that groups producing now are doing everything they can to keep their staff, 生产团队, 演员安全和健康. 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐相信你们正在这样做. 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐有网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐目前的局限性, and we know we are not comfortable sending out over 100 people to various locations throughout the state.

我是个评委,我觉得去看演出没问题. 如果我想做,为什么不能做?

-谢谢你这么说! 你想以这种方式支持社区,这很好. 然而, we collectively are not comfortable sending you all over the state when there are different ordinances in every city and county in Colorado and with no way of safely tracking every single judge.

那户外活动呢, 每个人之间都有空间的活动, 表演时戴着面具? 难道不能因为风险更小就评判这些吗?
-对现在, 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐的大多数成员不能生产, 执行, 或者参加他们所在城市和县的活动. 根据公共卫生指南,只能少量使用, so to have such a small pool of work count for this season right now when most cannot make work is unfair to all our members. We are taking the approach that if we cannot safely send judges to indoor 执行ances throughout the entire state, 那网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐也不能派评委去户外表演. In

order to make any judging decision fair, we are addressing this to our entire membership pool.


网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐还没决定呢. It may mean that we host a general celebration and festive event instead of an awards ceremony. This type of event (depending on health ordinances) may be digital again like the 2020 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐, 也可能是别的什么东西. We’re discussing this regularly through the Henry Committee and the Board of Directors, 一旦做出决定, 网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐将公开分享这些信息.


-The Henry Committee will continue to do strategic restructuring of the Henry judging process. The feedback we’ve received over the last few years needs assessment and implementation, 在接下来的几个月里,网络线上娱乐网站平台推荐将讨论:-对法官的培训/再培训

协调/法官之间的沟通, 生产商, 和CTG技术升级,以帮助每个人




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